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Anne Sanders To Release Christian Novel

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/13/14 – Renowned Volunteer and Charity Guru, Anne Sanders has published her first Christian novel Behind The Stage which will be released on 22nd Feb. On the day of the release, the author will be signing copies of the book in her hometown, Niceville, Florida at Bayou Book Company.

Published by Westbow Press, Behind The Stage is the story of Pastor Josh Allen, who struggles to rescue his family and his church from the pitfalls of desire and intolerance. Sexual addiction, age discrimination, homophobia and mental illness are a few of the issues Josh must deal with in his family and his church.

Pastor Allen deals with the onslaught on his life while still managing to help others. The leader of the flock at his church, he is fighting the good fight behind the scenes as disaster befalls his family.

For more information on the book, visit the website www.annesanders.net.

About Anne Sanders

Anne Sanders wears many hats. Besides being a writer, she is the Volunteer and Charity Guru on Facebook. She runs a website and a blog called Helping Hearts, which has had more than 17,000 views. It focuses on easy, fun, free, and more involved ways to help others. Sanders became a Christian when she left America to work in Japan, a country whose Christian population is less than one per cent.

The author graduated from Emory University with a magna cum laude English. After a break from writing for about a decade, she got back to publishing articles in newspapers and magazines and contributing to websites like USA Today’s Travel section in 2002 and has been writing ever since. Her unique writing style is on display in her first novel.

Media Contacts 

URL: http://www.annesanders.net/

Email: anne@annesanders.net

Phone: 850-324-4930