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An Innovative Helpline in Ives Estates Pointing Addicts in the Right Direction

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/28/14 — Wandering through life abusing substances is so wasteful and nobody should have to go through it all by themselves. The problem is, drug and alcohol abuse is an easy pattern to fall into. The Ives Estates Adolescent Rehab Helpline is one such resource teenagers can use to help locate legitimate drug and alcohol rehab help in order to turn their life around.

The problem with substance abuse in Ives Estates, FL is that people had very few opportunities when it came to finding information about drug and alcohol abuse that was trustworthy. Most were forced to attempt to beat addiction on their own only to realize that overcoming addiction is a challenge.

The new helpline is changing all of that however, as addicts are urged to utilize the helpline in order to find an addiction rehab center that can offer recovery. Putting yourself in the best position to succeed is vital in order to attain sobriety and the helpline is a resource that can help anyone find a drug rehab center with experience assisting people from all walks of life.

Adolescents in particular are urged to give the helpline a call as the sooner a person overcomes substance abuse, the sooner they can turn their life around. Drugs have the distinct ability totally control someone’s ability to make rational decisions.

The helpline can be reached at (305) 396-8793 and it is completely toll free. There is also a helpful website which offers even more details about how ending a substance abuse problem with drugs and alcohol can help someone live a long and productive life. Visit it at www.alcoholismtreatment-ivesestates.com to learn more.

About the Ives Estates Adolescent Rehab Helpline:

The secret to overcoming drug and alcohol substance abuse once and for all is finding a drug rehab center that offers a legitimate shot at success. The Ives Estates Adolescent Rehab Helpline is a resource for those who are in search of a reliable drug and alcohol rehab center. Call today at (305) 396-8793 or send an email to mail@alcoholismtreatment-ivesestates.com for more information about all the benefits of rehab.