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A New Mac Site for All things Apple “The Mac View”

PRESS RELEASE (11/22/2013)- The Daily Mac View has been joined by a sister site The Mac View. The Daily Mac View is a content driven site designed to deliver articles on wide variety of topics on all things related to the Apple ecosystem. The Mac View is the site to go to for news announcements, information on services, editors picks, site news and direct access to The Daily Mac View. In some cases, articles will be presented at the Mac View that might be the editor’s picks or author choices either of which will lead you directly to the article itself at The Daily Mac view. 

These sites are tightly integrated. The Mac View is very much your site to stay up to date with the things that are going on at The Daily Mac View and The Mac View. Although the two sites work in tandem, The Mac View is intended to be the lead site while The Daily Mac view will provide all the articles. The Mac View is your place to go while The Daily Mac View will provide the content.

The Daily Mac View will continue on as it always has to provide you with articles covering Apple related software, hardware, new products, strategy and vision. The Daily Mac View is not a how to guide but rather it’s a site that covers topics from an analytical and benefits based perspective. If you want to understand various Apple technologies and strategies, this is the site for you. 

Although The Mac View is a new site with a clean, fresh look, The Daily Mac view has just been revamped and provides a bold, modern style. At The Daily Mac view you will find article recognition and navigation around the site has been significantly enhanced. Combined with the clean and appealing look of The Mac View the two sites flow with each other providing a positive visual experience and intuitive navigational controls.

At The Mac View and for that matter both sites we encourage dialogue. Feel free to express your views and ask questions. It is hoped that a dynamic atmosphere will emerge in which views are expressed, questions are asked and answered promoting the desire to return.

Finally, at the Mac View anyone who would like to submit an article for inclusion at the site is encouraged to do so. 

The sites are managed and the content is written and edited by Kerry Dawson, a seasoned Tech specialist. As a writer and consultant, Kerry Dawson has over 30 plus years of Information Technology experience.

The Mac View can be accessed at http://www.themacview.com while The Daily Mac View can be accessed at http://www.dailymacview.com.