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24/7 Lending Group Review – Still a legit provider of good and bad credit loans.

PRESS RELEASE (10/7/2013) – Having bad credit can feel like a slowly tightening noose around your throat, especially if you are experiencing it for the first time. As a result of the current state of the economy, the amount of consumers in the United States with credit scores under 600 has increased to more than 20%. People are out of work and therefore not collecting income with the end result being credit card delinquency, and late payments for car loans and home loans. There is a strong need for extra funds so that families can not only make ends meet but put food on the table. However, to make matters worse,  traditional banks and lenders have increased their basic credit score mandates for loan approvals; leaving about 25% of Americans ineligible for achieving approval for personal loans with traditional lenders.   

However, one loan matching site, 247lendinggroup.com, still is doing their job of locating lenders for people of all good and bad credit types. Not only is 24/7 Lending Group helping save consumers from the severe credit consequences and monetary fees of bouncing checks, over drafting accounts, reconnection utility fees without having to utilize collateral, they are doing it at reasonable rates.

‘This is a difficult period,’ expressed 247LendingGroup.com CEO, Mark Richards, ‘Suffering financial hardship is a first-time experience for millions of Americans. While we don’t do the actual underwriting of loans, we’ve been matching good and bad credit consumers with loan providers since 2001. We have unique relationships with non-traditional lenders that enable us to continue to provide a premier online lending service for those of all credit types even during these tough economic times. We don’t only want to keep those struggling out of the immediate issue/s that they may be experiencing; we want to help them achieve their long-term goals as well.’

Basic requirements for loan approval consideration include: must be at least 18 years of age, currently employed or receiving some sort of regular income (disability, retirement, etc.), an active checking account and a citizen of the US. Their online application only takes a few minutes to complete and is secured by McAfree and GeoTrust. This double layered security is a great feature with all the online scammers preying on the vulnerable nowadays. Once consumers submit their applications, if approved, they can expect to be contacted by a lender within a few hours to discuss their loan options. Total time to achieve funding can take up-to 24 hours. Borrowers can apply for as little as $100 to as much as $35,000. Rates and terms will vary amongst their participating lenders and will be discussed at the time of contact. Consumers can contact support prior to applying with any questions they may have.