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(PRESS RELEASE) 11/4/2013 – Teddy McHuggin is going to attempt something that no one has ever done before, 100,000 hugs in 100 days all for a great cause.  Hugs Across America is ready to go!

Teddy McHuggin, aka Jeff Ondash from Canfield, Ohio, has broken multiple Guinness World Hugging Records in the past.  But this time he wants to go where no hugger has gone before.   He has raised awareness and donations for The American Cancer Society and also for The American Heart Association from his record setting hugathons. But this time, his plans include going to at least fifteen major cities to do some good for a worthwhile charity.

As of now, the charity has yet to be determined.  “I am open to any charity who would like to be a part of Hugs Across America,” stated Teddy.   “It doesn’t cost them anything.  All they have to do is help me out by being there as we raise donations and awareness for their cause.  I’m just gonna start hugging to spread some love and help out a charity.  I believe everybody needs to do at least one thing in their life to help others, and this is my way to help out and give back for the blessed life my family and I have.  Plus hugging is very medicinal.  It relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and everybody who gets one walks away with a big smile.  I can’t wait to get started.  This might end up being like a Forrest Gump thing where he just started running, I’m just gonna start hugging.  Maybe I won’t stop this time.  Maybe I’ll just go ‘til I hug a million people!”  

Logistics have this starting early in 2014 and going for 100 straight days.  Cities are to include, New York, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas and Washington D.C.  Venues are to include sporting events, concerts, festivals and anywhere and everywhere where people need a hug.

If you’re a charity and you would like to be a part of this, Teddy plans include going after corporations to pledge money to your charity for every hug he gets.  It will be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience for all.  Teddy keeps none of the raised money.  It all goes to the charity.  So, if your charity wants to be on board, you can contact Teddy on his Facebook page. Or you can call him at 330.881.0593. Or email him at jeffondash@aol.com.